John Talbott’s Paris – Claude Colliot in the 4th: He’s back – big, brash and brilliant.

Madame, the LWRWFEN/P/BFWW, orders some simple sounding maraichier starter (I recoil – simple market veggies from Colliot, oh no), sorry, it was incredible, simple-sounding, complexly-made, my, oh my.  Wait-boy brings me a soupish-looking foie gras something and I say, unh, no, I ordered the scallops – schmuck me!  I should have kept it and reordered the scallops and had both – they were among the best I’ve ever had, with minced carrots and an anchovy or was it sardine paste?  Well, at this point, I’m ready for John Malkovich to usher me into heaven were I as cool as George Clooney.

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