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Superb food, beautifully prepared and presented, in a lovely space, presented by a charming proprietor who cares deeply about his food and his guests. Highly recommended.UsefulFunnyCool

Michael O., Brooklyn, NY, United States – 20 January 2022


This is hands down the best meal I have had in Paris the past five days.  I would have stayed longer just to eat here!  We will be back to Paris and here!  The flavors and combination of herbs and spices made this meal beyond great and far into originality. Petit pois et fenouil was phenomenal with the right amount of coriander. Asperge blanche et poirée was crazy good. I had the best duck of my life:  Canard de Challan was beyond joy and humanity, served with beats, black currant and ginger.  Just brilliant.  My spouse had Agneau Grillé that makes me want to learn to cook lamb again.   Dessert was unique and heavenly with Tout blanc poire version litchi and Mangue jaune.  AND the owner is an effervescent, kind, smart, and sharp lady who treated her guests as family.  Hands down:  #1 restaurant in Paris.

John H., Cape May Court House, NJ, United States – 17 April 2019


I gave it 4 stars in 2014 but ate here again in November 2015 and liked it even more.  Combines inventiveness with very refined cooking.  The oyster sorbet was even more wonderful than last time.  Raw shrimp with vegetables was astonishing.


Unusually inventive restaurant.  The oyster sorbet with bits of cauliflower was a success with me but too strong and weird for my wife.  We both loved the mashed potato cappuccino though neither of us finished it because the whipped cream was very rich.  The fish with mango was good but not nearly as amazing.  The chocolate with olives was delicious, basically a chocolate sunday with an olive preparation instead of ice cream.  Not up to a Michelin star but close in my view.  
Charming atmosphere on a street that is beyond lovely and the waiters were great.

Ned B. New York, NY, United States – 07 May 2014 and 22 November 2015


Had a wonderful dinner here with a great Parisian friend who really knows the city.  We both enjoyed the modern, airy atmosphere and the inventiveness of the dishes, including some playful twists on the classics.  

We had the “menu carte blanche,” which is the chef’s choice, and each course is a surprise.  Which could be frightening (!), but in this case was sublime.  The starter was veal tartare, which was the standout of the meal.  Exquisitely flavored, and paired with shredded daikon, fresh herbs and black pepper for a perfect contrasting texture.  Next up a simple fish course with a citrus-y mango mustard.  Then lamb served grilled and perfectly medium rare, with roasted radishes on the side.  And for dessert, a scoop of ice cream made with gariguettes, which are a special type of French strawberry, served over fried slivers of julienned apple–an interesting play on “pommes frites.”  The dessert was absolutely magical!

The service was wonderful.  Not at all rushed, and pleasant at every moment.  Our waitress spoke excellent English, and though my companion speaks French, the waitress took the time to explain the dishes to me, which I appreciated.  Perfect spot for dinner in the Marais when you want to transcend the everyday.

Katie S., Brooklyn, NY, United States – 12 April 2011

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